Turn on, tune in, drop out

We will start the day with a 2 hour Vinyasa, Pranayama and Meditation class before we move into the break with food. Eating together supports the group connecting, building a common ground for further personal and intimate experiences.

After the break we enter the part of prozess-based bodywork (Körperprozesse). This part of the retreat aims to reveal the deeper topics contained within the structures of your body. Your body is a book telling us the story about your soul- how is it to be you in this world?


To register you only have to write me an email and transfer the participation fee of 100 Euro.

Body talk

Awareness, process and connection

Through your body we find both strengths and those areas that need some extra support and tending to. Aches and pains reveal their reason for being there, we see how they connect to your past and day to day life. At the moment of clarity release happens, often accompanied with vibrant emotions that brings new life, energy and power to your soul.

This work will contain segments of guided mediation, dialogue and sharing in small groups, movement experiments and touch. I will carefully lead the process to create a safe space where this sharing can happen. Following the Körperprozesse part of the retreat there will be a small break before we finish the day off with with an Ecstatic Dance Ritual- an hour of barefoot free-dancing.

The Urban Retreat is a deep and intimate experience that will stay with you for a long time, providing you with emotional and spiritual nourishment for the time ahead.